February 3: Back Roads to Pueblo; Eagle Day at Lake Pueblo State Park

The weather was warm and the breeze pleasant (for the most part). Five birders accompanied leader Gary Conover as we headed south. Our first stop was Clear Spring Ranch, where we were told about a Western Screech-owl easily visible along the trail.

Raptors were scarce, likely due to a drought-caused scarcity of food. We did see Red-tailed Hawks and Northern Harriers, plus a number of American Kestrels.

At the state park, we enjoyed watching the Air Force cadets fly their falcons. While we waited outside, a Greater Black-backed Gull flew overhead! A California Gull had joined some cormorants in the south marina. However, the only eagle we saw was a Golden Eagle provided by the Pueblo Raptor Center.

Many thanks to Gary for leading this annual trip!

Note: Not all field trip leaders turn in reports, so this is an incomplete list. We’re a bit short on reports after 2015, although please be assured that we continue to go on field trips.

Raptor ID trip participants doing the lifer dance!

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