Kiowa Creek Ranch & Sanctuary

Kiowa Creek Ranch is managed by Audubon Rockies and leased to Corner Post Meats, a great source for local meat raised in a bird friendly and sustainable manner. Corner Post Meats is part of the Conservation Ranching Initiative.  

Kiowa Creek Ranch & Sanctuary is a pristine section of northern Black Forest donated to the National Audubon Society in 2010. While the property is closed to the general public for birding, field trips have in the past been organized during the warm months, and occasionally during the winter as weather permits. Check the Field Trips page for currently scheduled trips.

Over a hundred bird species have been spotted at the Sanctuary. It’s also home to several uncommon plant and insect species. A large portion burned during the June 2013 Black Forest Fire, but it has largely recovered. See Photos.

The sanctuary gate is located south of Hodgen Road, between Vollmer Rd. and Meridian Rd. When a trip is scheduled, the gate will be unlocked. Proceed approximately one mile to the ranch house where limited parking is available.

Bird Species List
Bug Species List

Sanctuary Bird Walks

Rufous Hummingbird Locoweed, a problem for ranchers

Steller’s Jay

Loggerhead ShrikeWestern Wood-peweeWilson’s Snipe
Western TanagerNipple CactusCoyote
Bee on wild mustardVesper SparrowWestern Wood-pewee
Red-tailed Hawk
Virginia RailWhite-breasted Nuthatch

Photos: Aaron Shipe, Jeannie Mitchell, and Leslie Holzmann