Foothills and Prairie Grant Program Guidelines & Requirements

The Aiken Audubon Society’s (AAS) mission is to promote the enjoyment, study, and conservation of the birds of the Pikes Peak Region.


AAS supports projects that are educational and scientific in nature and related to birds and their habitats. For 2022, the maximum grant award is $1,500.


Grant Eligibility


The Foothills and Prairie Grant Program through AAS is open to individuals and organizations conducting research, education programs, or conservation project focused on foothills and prairie ecology related to birds. Please see below for proposal submission requirements.




The Foothills and Prairie Grants cannot be applied to the following costs:

  • Institutional overhead/indirect costs.
  • Researcher salaries (stipends for field assistants are permitted)
  • Requests for equipment where use goes beyond the scope of the project

Reporting Requirement

Recipients who receive funding will provide a final report detailing how the project was accomplished and any research results (if appropriate). If support is for an ongoing research project, a report will be required of the project-to-date and results.


Proposal Deadline: April 25, 2022


Submission: Email requests (as a single PDF document) to [email protected]


Notification of Funding decision: May 6, 2022


Examples of past projects receiving grants from AAS include the bird banding station at Chico Basin Ranch (run by the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies), educational programs at Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers, and the Colorado Bird Breeding Atlas.


To be considered for a gift or grant, please submit a written request 2 pages or less in length. The proposal should include:

  • Name/Title of the project.
  • The purpose and anticipated outcomes.
  • How the project relates to birds and foothills/prairie habitats.
  • Who the project serves and why it is important.
  • The location of the project.
  • The timeframe.
  • A total project budget, including a summary of current/committed funding and outline of other organizations supporting the project.
  • The amount requested from the Foothills and Prairie Grant Program, justification explaining how grant funding will be used.
  • Contact information.
  • Additional information requested if applicable:
  • If you have received funding from AAS in the past, provide brief description of project, outcomes, amount provided.
  • Additional materials as needed (such as maps, data summaries, photos, letters of recommendation). Please limit the number of attachments to items that you believe will help AAS determine funding decisions.


See below for an example of a request


Project Name


Goal: This project will increase bird conservation practices in urban areas.


Objectives: For example, change behavior, increase activity, enhance performance, establish a process, create a product, etc.


Outcomes: For example, increase citizen awareness, establish annual programs, set benchmarks for future comparisons.


Project Evaluation: This section describes how success will be measured. It should be an objective analysis of quantifiable and qualitative factors. Make sure evaluation techniques are realistic and scaled to the program’s plan.


Project Budget: This is where you place a dollar value on the project plan, and what part of the budget AAS is being asked to contribute. Try to be as accurate as possible with budget forecasts.


Sustainability: Where applicable, this section demonstrates the viability of the proposed project. Why is this project important? How does it relate to the AAS mission statement? What are the benefits for the future of birds and their habitat?