Aiken is now offering a membership! We need your support to continue our current projects and programs, as well as helping us increase our community engagement and broaden our support of conservation programs. So far this year, Aiken has contributed over $8500 to local conservation projects and outreach including bird and habitat surveys through the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, a nest box program for the rapidly declining American Kestrel, as well as sponsored summer camp programs through the Catamount Institute. You can read our full 2023 annual report to learn more about how Aiken made a difference in the local community in 2023. Aiken is 100% run by volunteers and it is local members like you who make Aiken’s programming, meetings, hikes and outreach possible. 

We’ve received some questions about the PayPal donation process – see below for an explanation and some helpful pictures! 

Please consider any amount of financial support as your membership contribution.

Already a member and would like to contribute an additional donation?

All credit card payments require a third-party processor. Aiken Audubon currently uses PayPal due to its low processing fees for non-profits (we are looking into additional options). We receive the names and e-mail addresses of everyone who donates, as well as the amount donated.

To donate, you can either log in to your own, pre-existing PayPal account to use a stored payment method, or you can donate by credit card without creating an account. If you prefer to donate by credit card without creating an account, note that just below the entry fields to enter your credit card information, there is a slider button that says “Save your info and create a PayPal account.” Turn the slider  to OFF (it will be grey, not blue)**. You will then be able to donate with a credit card without creating a Paypal account. Monthly recurring donations will require a PayPal account so your credit card information can be securely stored.

Please note – if you already have a PayPal account, but you choose to donate by credit card instead of logging in, you MUST move the slider to the OFF (grey) position. Otherwise, it will tell you that an account already exists with that e-mail address and it will not let you continue.

Support Aiken Through the King Soopers Rewards Program

Do you shop at King Soopers or City Market? Aiken Audubon is enrolled in the Community Rewards program, which donates a percentage of purchases to the non-profit organization of your choice and it has been very successful for Aiken. To support Aiken Audubon, click here, sign in to your account, and search for “Aiken Audubon.” You can also enroll through the King Soopers app, by selecting “Rewards” in the main menu. Learn more about the program here: King Soopers Community Rewards.