May 15: Brett Gray Ranch, led by John Drummond

BrettGrayRanch-CO_LAH_1893This ranch in Lincoln County was an incredibly productive hot spot. Trip participants recorded 93 species (+1 other taxa). The area is reminiscent of Chico Basin Ranch, only with more precipitation. Varied habitats included the ranch building area, wetlands, riparian vegetation, dense shrubbery, and dry fields. Several reservoirs provide deeper water for ducks and other waterfowl.

Trip highlights included Eastern Phoebe, Veery, Ovenbird, Northern Waterthrush, Yellow-breasted Chat, assorted sparrows, Orchard Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and one Glossy Ibis. John took the time to make sure we all noted the difference between this bird and the more common White-faced Ibis.

BrettGrayRanch-CO_LAH_1882Species list: Gadwall 4, American Wigeon 2, Mallard 8, Blue-winged Teal 12, Cinnamon Teal 2, Northern Shoveler 6, Green-winged Teal 12, Redhead 6, Ring-necked Duck 2, Lesser Scaup 2, Ruddy Duck 8, Pied-billed Grebe 2, Eared Grebe 2, Western Grebe 1, Great Blue Heron 2, Green Heron 1, Black-crowned Night-Heron 1, Glossy Ibis 1, White-faced Ibis 34, Swainson’s Hawk 1, Red-tailed Hawk 2, Ferruginous Hawk 2, American Coot 16, Killdeer 4, Spotted Sandpiper 5, Marbled Godwit 1, Long-billed Dowitcher 4, Wilson’s Phalarope 12, Mourning Dove 8, Great Horned Owl 2, Burrowing Owl 2, Common Poorwill 2, Lewis’s Woodpecker 1, Downy Woodpecker 2, Northern Flicker (Red-shafted) 2, American Kestrel 1, Western Wood-Pewee 5, Dusky Flycatcher 2, Eastern Phoebe 1, Western Kingbird 18, Eastern Kingbird 10, Plumbeous Vireo 1, Warbling Vireo 1, Chihuahuan Raven 4, Horned Lark X, Northern Rough-winged Swallow 4, Barn Swallow 4, White-breasted Nuthatch 1, House Wren 10, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 1, Veery 1, Swainson’s Thrush 16, Hermit Thrush 1, American Robin 18, Gray Catbird 6, Brown Thrasher 3, European Starling X, Cedar Waxwing 4, Ovenbird 1, Northern Waterthrush 1, Orange-crowned Warbler 2, Virginia’s Warbler 3, on migration for Heaven’s sake. This is a migrant trap!!!!!!!! MacGillivray’s Warbler 5, Common Yellowthroat 4, Yellow Warbler 24, Yellow-rumped Warbler 14  This is a migrant trap !!!!!!!!!!! Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon’s) 8, Yellow-breasted Chat 2, Green-tailed Towhee 3, Spotted Towhee 4, Chipping Sparrow 16, Clay-colored Sparrow 10, Brewer’s Sparrow 4, Vesper Sparrow 6, Lark Sparrow 2, Lark Bunting 16, Song Sparrow 1,  Lincoln’s Sparrow 5, White-throated Sparrow 1, White-crowned Sparrow 2, Western Tanager 1, Rose-breasted Grosbeak 1, Lazuli Bunting 2, Red-winged Blackbird X, Western Meadowlark 14, Yellow-headed Blackbird 6, Common Grackle 8, Brown-headed Cowbird 4, Orchard Oriole 1, Bullock’s Oriole 6, Pine Siskin 2, American Goldfinch 4, House Sparrow X.

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June 24: Emerald Valley, led by Ken Pals

It was a pretty incredible year for Emerald Valley. Not only were the columbine and Yellow Lady-slipper Orchids in full bloom, but bird sightings surpassed previous years.

American three-toed woodpecker c Rise-001

American Three-toed Woodpecker, photo by Risë Foster-Bruder.

Red-naped Sapsuckers c Rise-001

Red-naped Sapsucker feeding young. Photo by Risë Foster-Bruder.

Williamson's Sapsucker female c Rise-001

Female Williamson’s Sapsucker heading for her nest hole. Photo by Risë Foster-Bruder.