Win an autographed copy of David Sibley’s Guide to Birds of North America that also includes a special burrowing owl sketch! Plus gift certificates to Songbird and the Orchid!


We know many of you are stuck at home and trying to maintain social distancing.  Aiken Audubon is kicking off a two-week contest to encourage everyone to take advantage of the birds in their backyard, and we’re giving away some great prizes!

What? Aiken Audubon is having a backyard birding contest starting this Saturday, May 9!

Who? Anyone in the Pikes Peak Region.

When? May 9 – May 31

How? Submit at least five checklists (maximum of one checklist per day) to eBird AND share them with us using the user name “Aiken Audubon” OR simply email your lists directly to Your name will then be entered into a drawing to win! Be sure to attach photos of your sightings whenever possible, as we’ll feature some our favorites on our Facebook page!

For instructions on how to share an eBird list, go here. Additional eBird overview can be found here.

Rules: You must bird from the property you live on. If you don’t have a yard (example: apartment or condo), submit a checklist from the parking lot or as near as you can to your dwelling. Any bird you see or hear from your property can be counted (the birds do not have to be in your yard, you just have to detect them from your yard). Only one checklist per day from your home location will be counted for this contest (but feel free to submit more!).

Prizes! There will be three prizes available: 1) A signed copy of David Sibley’s Guide to Birds of North America (2nd Edition) that includes a special sketch of a burrowing owl drawn by David Sibley, 2) a $50 gift certificate to the Songbird and the Orchid, and 3) a $25 gift certificate to the Songbird and the Orchid. We will randomly draw three names the first week of June that meet the five-checklist minimum per the rules above. The first name drawn will have the first choice of prize, the second name drawn will have second choice, and the third name drawn will receive the remaining prize. There will also be a special prize for the most entertaining photograph attached to a checklist, as voted on by the Aiken board members.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, where we will announce the winners and post updates! We’ll also keep you updated on the number of lists coming in, as well as some of the interesting sightings being reported. This is a great way to maintain social distancing while exploring the birds that visit your backyard and stay connected with fellow Aiken Audubon members!