There is still time to stop drilling. Although the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for ANWR’s coastal plain has been completed, Audubon is asking you to redouble your efforts to vehemently oppose the administration’s plans. The fight continues on two fronts—thwarting the process to open the Refuge to oil development and the goal of having a lease sale this year, and supporting longer-term Congressional efforts to restore protections to the Refuge by advancing legislation before drilling starts.

What can you do? Let the powers that be know that you oppose all oil and gas development in the Refuge, and that their draft EIS is inadequate, as it does not fully account for the impacts to the wildlife and people that depend on the Refuge. Personal comments as to why the Refuge matters to you are especially helpful. The deadline has been extended to March 13, 2019, so please act now!

Link to comment directly to the BLM:

Link to Audubon’s “Fast Action” letter:

Audubon Goes to Congress to Protect the Arctic Refuge

NOVEMBER 2017: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge still urgently needs your help. Yesterday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on opening up the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas exploration as a way to generate revenue for the federal tax plan. We must continue to spread the message that this iconic American treasure, which is home to 200 species of birds, should not be opened to exploration. Here’s a sample Letter to the Editor that you can send to your local media, along with tips on what to add to make it more effective, e.g. how it affects your local birds. Letters to the editor have an important impact on lawmakers, so please make use of this resource. Also available is the following social graphic, which you can use on your social media channels to demonstrate the economic impact. Other available resources include:

This past October, Linda Hodges (Conservation Chair for Aiken Audubon Society, Colorado Springs) and Gina DiGiallonardo (Audubon Rockies board member, Fort Collins) joined other Audubon members from Maine, Ohio, Arizona, and South Carolina in Washington, DC to voice their strong opposition to the House Budget Committee’s 2018 proposed budget that will open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development – most notably the refuge’s biologically important coastal plain. Together, they called on these key delegates to remove the detrimental language from the budget and leave some wilderness for future generations of birds and people. Read more, and click the link below to stand with the Arctic Refuge.

Help Gina & Linda Take a Stand for the Arctic Refuge